Parc de la Distance


Austria-based studio Precht has designed a maze-like park divided by high hedges that would allow people to be outdoors while maintaining social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Precht, founder of studio Precht, designed the Parc de la Distance following numerous public, outdoor spaces around the world closing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Design for ecological harmony

© Dror for Parkorman Istanbul: designing a love story between people and nature in a city with no central park.

Dror is a New York-based design firm, creating the future of cities. Building comprehensive visions & systems at every scale. Connecting people with nature through the built environment.

The well-being of humans and the planet are interconnected, and Dror’s Supernature Labs focus on the research, development and invention of new ways to build better with nature and like nature. A global initiative, the labs are rolling out to locations around the world and empowering the local community to innovate and build a better future.

Established by Dror, SuperNature Labs is a holistic, practical framework to design with nature, like nature, to measurably improve the wellbeing of all life. From the scale of products to new cities, SuperNature takes us from Sustainability to Ecological Harmony: a shift in the way we design environments that enables communities, economies, and ecologies to grow in support of each other.

SuperNature Labs is a design company that pioneers innovative architecture, planning, and media products to offer a multi-scale development platform based on a new integration of nature and the built environment.

Een persoonlijke aansporing door David

Kruf, J.P. (2018). Coral reef.

Gisteren heb ik de documentaire A Life On Our Planet bekeken. Heldere taal van David Attenborough: “We must act.” De basis ligt bij ons als consument, kiezer, klant, inwoner. Het is aan ons.

Nu de handvatten van verankering vinden in bestuurlijke collegeprogramma’s en contracten. Er is nog steeds het gevoel van chronische onderschatting. In de gemeentehuizen en in de Tweede Kamer is er nog geen spoor van urgentie. Wij zijn met andere dingen bezig. De krantenkoppen zijn er ‘stille’ getuigen van.

Het lijkt erop dat filmmaker Attenborough met zijn statement de mediator is geworden tussen de mens en de natuur. Niet de politiek, niet de industrie, niet de banken, niet de overheid, maar David himself.

Ik heb het koraalrif – als kraamkamer van de zee -, als een permanente reminder boven ons bed gehangen. De bescherming ervan moet echt eerst, er is geen andere weg. Hier begint alle leven. Dit kan alleen door een radicale verandering, omslag en overtuiging. Nu toch maar eens een persoonlijke plan maken hoe het anders moet. David heeft mij aangespoord nu toch echt in actie te komen.


Kruf, J.P. (2018) Freedom.

Freedom is one of the highest personal values. Thinking of society – with all free people – as a mosaic as large as a chess board. Imagine the colours of thought or belief (Pantone Quiet Gray), of physical movement in sport, dance, travel and leisure (Pantone Leather Brown) and of expression in art and culture (Pantone Pastel Yellow) together.

A palette with just the core indicators of true freedom. No blue (government) and no violet (politics) on the horizon.

Cultural Heritage

Kruf, J.P. (2019) Cultural heritage [fine art print].

Cultural heritage (Pantone Pastel Yellow) is the felt DNA of society. It most of the time contrasts as a light in-depth perspective on past days with the hectic world of the city of today (Pantone Chili Pepper). The governing system with its rules and regulations (Pantone Jet Black) comes in. The white fields (Pantone Snow White) are the opening spots to the new world, the pristine fields to be discovered.

It is this composition that comes into my mind when society is ignited to reorient and even redesign itself when society is at the brink of rewriting and rethinking its own history, its past, but more than that, it’s future. Society changes in color palette from heritage pastel yellow into dynamic chili pepper, the hot variant.

This design is available as fine art print.

Lost in the City

Kruf, J.P. (2018) Lost in the City [fine art print]. Breda: Governance Connect.

Can someone get lost in the city? I do not mean the romantic kind of lost, on a late evening wandering through the city of Paris with your love in search for your hotel. Not the philosophical, in search for existentialism, the Jan-Paul Sartre or Albert Camus-like kind of lost.

I do mean the type of Corona, isolation or loneliness kind of lost. Yes it can, to get lost in the city, to get disconnected from the fibres of the city, to be erased from the chessboard of life. This is how it could feel like.