Ecosystem City®

Ecosystem City. Registered at Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, in the I-Depot (number 118109) and as trademark (number 1397978) by Governance Connect (GC), on the 25th of June 2019.

Trademark Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, description: “Considering the city as an ecosystem can create a holistic perspective on city life, its environment and its governance as a whole. Applying laws of the forest to the city can share new light on public governance diagnosis.”

Ecosystem City® is a framework and toolbox for focused diagnosis of the city, this from the perspective and through the lenses of a natural forest ecosystem? It has been developed to come to an integrated determination of the topic that lies at the table, the actor and its style of approach, the value that must be delivered with the governance that is most appropriate for the object. The assumption has been made that the city fully obliges to and functions under the laws of nature.

The framework makes it possible to diagnose the present state of the city. The determinants help to create images from different but coherent perspectives. The need to be carried exclusive as well inclusive the responsible actor to get the best result. The actor (often government and politics after all is part of the system which is diagnosed.

For the diagnosis a set of 8 determinants is selected, derived from the study of forests, and curated: components, interactions, traits, roles, (a)biotic factors, processes, cycles and phases. All determinants can be measured and analysed by a combination of methods, techniques and instruments, such as there are survey, depth-interview, deskresearch or dialogue. The result is a diagnosis of the present state.

This approach of creating images has the intention to contribute to the effectiveness and implementation of public strategy and policy decisions and is aimed at good governance of the city, its citizens and the natural environment. We elaborate step by step. Last update: 19 October 2020.

1. Introduction
Zooming out & the picture
The Issue
The Need

2. Codex
Component Colour Wheel
Habitats, niches and roles
• (A)biotic factors

3. EcoCity Scan
• The Measurement Triangle