Rebuild en reconstruct

Kruf, J.P. (2016). Rebuild and reconstruct. Bordeaux

Reading the Guardian yesterday, this overview crossed my mind. Preparing for my personal lecture about the lessons of 2020 – to be held on the 18th of December this year under strict constraints of Covid-19 conditions of course – I was taken by the deep and wide diversity of themes, topics and issues. The list is impressive.

Thirty books to help us understand the world in 2020 is a rich, at the same time alarming dish. It can hardly be consumed properly, while keeping hope for our children and grandchildren. The list underlines we are heading for a deep collectively mental, ecological and also constitutional crisis. On the other hand some books give exactly what we need for a start. You almost can sense the search for empowerment of the individual, a renaissance coming true, away from the non-living systems which proof to be non-effective and even destructive.

The list of books is of such a graveness and sincerity that change is expected to come soon. We reach for a boiling point. Rebuild and reconstruct is the way forward. We all need to step into the light and do what we must and can do to improve, protect and innovate.

The picture was taken at an industrial site in Bordeaux, a few years ago. It symbolises the feeling and mood I am in: rebuild and reconstruct.