The essence of reflection

Kruf, Louise G.S. (2009). Tholen.

‘Reflection’ is in fact zooming out in trying to connect the dots. Or as Alexander von Humboldt stated in 1858 (Cosmos part I) in connecting the dots between the different sciences: “Physical geography…, elevated to a higher point of view, … embraces the sphere of organic life…”. That was a great discovery. He was in fact the first ecologist with a holistic view on the natural environment. Darwin adored him.

In the same way the ecosystem of the public domain as well as its governance, can be reflected upon. Zooming out is reflection.

Some say reflection is needed to get the bigger picture of things, people and happenings or to develop a sabbatical and clear view. For some people reflection works as a catharsis or to “re-create” itself and one’s thoughts. For others it is just a way to find another perspective.  Anyway reflection can help us to get the bigger picture, see more sharply the connection of elements within the public domain and thereby contribute to better decision making and putting things in perspective.


Kruf, A J., 2008. Kijkduin, The Hague.

It was the last picture on his camera. My father, Ad Kruf, shot this incredible image weeks before he passed away. It is now more than ten years ago. Time flies, but not the memory. Feels like yesterday that we joined each others company enjoying a good talk and a fine glass of whisk(e)y.

This photo was taken on the 10th of December 2008 16:09:05. Place Kijkduin, The Hague. A crystal clear Dutch beach landscape with a thunderstorm rolling in, the mystic late afternoon December sunlight and the rolling waves under a freezing wind. A picture to live in. As if he foresaw what was coming.