The Book of Bees

How do bees communicate? What does a beekeeper do? Did you know that Napoleon loved bees? Who survived being stung by 2,443 bees.

This encyclopaedic book, The Book of Bees answers all these questions and many more, imparting masses of information with a light, humorous touch, and in scorers of vibrant illustrations. Piotr Socha tracks the history of bees from the time of the dinosaurs to their current plight, examining along the way the role bees have played in history and in the rest of the natural world.

It is cleverly compiled. It goes into the construction of the honey bee’s body, their roles in the ecosystem, and elaborates on all the things we know but not really know of the productions of honey, about the reason of swarms, about waggle dances and the language of the bees, their favourite flowers and all things related, like pollen, the hive, myths and so much more.

It is for kids and more than that for adults. It is for every public leader. It fascinates, entertains and educates and it should lead to better decisions. Knowing this, there is no other way.  An example book how to explain things about the ecosystem of life.

Socha, P. and Grajkowski, W. (2016) The Book of Bees. London: Thames & Hudson.