The Issue

Why should we do want a new approach of public governance? What actually is the problem, the issue that must be solved? The answer is simple: the emerging of public risks and the cascading of problems in the public domain do demand new perspectives for solutions. Authoritative institutions and scientists – anno 2020 – describe the state of the public domain as urgent. Segmentation and fragmentation of stakes, drives, aspects, interests and viewpoints seem not to contribute to feasible answers. The simple statement of Professor Kickert is highly recognised:

“A segmented public administration has to a large extent created segmented reforms, underlining the implicit need for less segmentation and fragmentation in the governance of public issues.” – Walter Kickert (2007)

Kickert, Walter (ed.) (2007). The Study of Public Management in Europe and the US. London & New York: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.

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